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Our History

 On January 1, 2006, Apostolic Restoration Ministry (ARM) was born with 25 members in the home of Pastor and First Lady Porter.
 In nine months, 10 souls were saved and many were baptized. The Lord also blessed the congregation with a new church home in South Jackson.  The property is located at 2801 Oak Forest Drive, and became the home of Apostolic Restoration Ministry for three years.  During these three years the Lord blessed ARM’s with many gifts. He rose up Sunday School teachers, deacons, ushers, singers, ministers, praise dancers, musicians and video and audio technicians. In December 2007, Pastor Porter started a prison ministry teaching Bible classes every Tuesday and Thursday.
In July 2009, we were blessed to purchase our present facility. The facility sits on slightly more than 3 acres of  land  and consists of an 800–850 seat sanctuary, and several additional spaces, including a gymnasium. 

“The devil tried to shatter my vision when the church was sat on fire,” says Pastor Porter.  “It was Sunday, October 26, 2008. Deacon Manyfield had just remarked, ‘We are out-growing our clothes (referring to our then-current location).  It is time for us to make a move.’  After services dismissed, the saints were sitting and fellowshipping, when someone came into the church and yelled,  ‘That church y’all want is on fire.’  As I stood there watching the church go up in flames, the thought came to my mind that God is a God that answereth by FIRE! They meant it for our bad...but God meant it for our good.”
The saints of God held on to the vision and with a handful of people, (less than 150) the Lord blessed us to purchase our present facility, which was originally appraised at $1.3 million, for a fraction of the price. The extent of the fire damage was to the pulpit area only. On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, the ARM family held its first service in the small sanctuary. The facility was finished within 6 weeks and cost the saints approximately $110,000 in renovation. The Lord blessed us with a score of volunteers, including professional contractors, to partner with the ARM's family and complete this project.   With the help of the Lord, the ARM family will soon begin restoring the main sanctuary soon.

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